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Welcome to BOA  


Welcome to A&B Ship Interiors Incorporatedprofessieller Montageservice

A&B Ship Interiors Inc. is an American subsidiary of the German parent company, BOA GmbH, specializing in the interior construction of commercial seafaring vessels. Our team consists primarily of German workers certified in welding, carpentry, plumbing, HVAC, infrastructure installation and flooring. In May of 2007 A&B Ship Interiors Inc. was established in Philadelphia, USA to address growing demand for ship construction projects in the American market. Our highly qualified craftsmen have specialized experience in the ship-building industry ranging from 5-20 years on three different continents insuring our clients superior results.

Established in May of 2000, the parent company, BOA GmbH had its beginnings in project development and construction management of new buildings as well as reconstruction and repair of small and medium commercial properties. In the before mentioned projects BOA was responsible for steel and timber construction, interior work and flooring installation.

As the company began to focus on ship construction projects it hired experienced personnel to support its growth in this sector. To address the growing demand for ship flooring the company developed, in cooperation with the Reinhold & Mahla AG, a dry concrete flooring system. This prefabricated flooring system, known as "Epsi floor", enables production of a concrete floor quickly and without water, thus making reparation and alteration possible while a ship is in use. The department of "BOA Ship Gear" was established in Rostock, Germany in 2006 to develop a line of passenger and crew member cabins for R&M Ship-Technologies. Our service teams assemble and install the prefabricated cabins onboard. Most recently these cabins were used for the AIDA Cruise Ship Line.

A&B Ship Interiors Inc. is currently responsible for the interior construction of tanker ship deckhouses at the Aker Shipyard in Philadelphia. This project includes start-to-finish installation of flooring, walls, doors, windows, ceilings, furniture, bathroom units, galley equipment, navigation deck, stainless steel handrails and cooling and freezing store rooms. Thus far three ships have been completed and two are currently underway. With their global reach and highly qualified teams BOA and A&B offer interior construction solutions to cater to your shipyard's needs.

Please follow the links on the left to learn more about the services we offer.

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Englische Version unter www.ship-interors.com Deutsche Version www.boa-group.de